Global Fund Grant Approved for 24 Cows

ARDR received a grant from the Global Fund in April 2014 to provide an additional 24 cows to the HIV/AIDS Program.  This program supports women impacted by HIV/AIDS.  The cattle were provided to women in the Kayonza district bringing the ARDR total to 200 for the entire HIV/AIDS Program.

Fabiola Mutomi - A Happy Recovery

We are happy to report that the cast has been removed and Fabiola Mutomi is doing fine.  Melissa and Bryan Suddith of Dayton, Ohio recently visited ARDR in Rwamagana so Jean Munyurangabo (ARDR Executive Director) took them to see Fabiola.  “It was such a wonderful experience meeting Fabiola and her foster parents, especially after we had been praying for her healing from the accident.  We were happy to see that she was healed and happy” said Melissa.

Melissa went on to say, “It meant a lot to personally see how ARDR is impacting people’s lives.  We learned that Fabiola’s sponsorship paid for 90% of her medical expenses since it covers health care as well as education.”  Fabiola told Melissa and Bryan through Jean’s translation that she is afraid to go to school due to the accident.

Melissa finished by saying “we are praying that with God’s help we can build a school and clinic closer to her village to keep Fabiola and the other children out of harm’s way.”

Documentary Premiere at Beavercreek High School

ARDR Allies President, Laurent Muvunyi and Melissa Suddith were invited by Sarah Hankins (History Teacher) to speak at Beavercreek High School on May 1, 2014 to an audience of more than 300 students. 

Melissa shared her story of falling in love with Rwanda after meeting a Rwandan in church.  This encounter motivated her to make several trips to Rwanda enabling her to make many friends while experiencing their culture.

Laurent told the students about his background, how ARDR was started and what he is doing as president of ARDR Allies to support the programs of ARDR.  Then Laurent played the documentary for the students and finished by telling the kids how they can get involved as easily as giving up a pizza during the month and donating that money to

Sarah Hankins told Laurent, on the following day, that “the students are giving so much positive feedback” about his talk.

5k Race for Rwanda

The 2nd annual 5k Race for Rwanda was held on Saturday, May 17, 2014 at Sugarcreek Metro Park in Bellbrook, Ohio.  The theme for this fundraising event was green, so everyone was asked to wear green and green “Race for Rwanda” t-shirts were provided to all runners/walkers.  It rained throughout the night on Friday and the sky looked threatening as racers were checking in but the weather cleared and everyone had a great time.

This event was successful not only because it raised over $1,900 to help build a school and clinic for the children of ARDR but also because it is making people aware of the needs of their brothers and sisters worldwide.  A parent of one of the youths who assisted with the organization of the event said, “we were amazed that the discussion at our dinner table has shifted from the latest YouTube video to the needs of people in Rwanda.”

The race was organized by Pastor Megan Collins and hosted by her youth group at Southminster Presbyterian Church.

Change for a Chance

Lexi of Dayton, Ohio is truly a special child. In 2012, at the age of six, she learned about the orphans of ARDR and immediately wanted to help. So she contacted ARDR Allies President, Laurent Muvunyi with an idea. Above is her story in her own handwriting, as well as a picture of ARDR staff on the day they handed out the toothbrushes to sponsored children. Thank you Lexi for your generous donation!! 

20 Years Later, Rwanda Hopes To Be A 'Light For The World'

Rwandan President Paul Kagame is working to transform the legacy of hatred, 20 years after the genocide. The new generation is being taught to find a common purpose in reconstructing Rwanda.

Today marks 20 years since the Rwandan genocide. Here is one example of how Rwandans are continuing to look forward and focus on positive growth.