ARDR Allies Financial Model

All donated funds sent to ARDR in Rwamagana, Rwanda (from inception through now) have been used to benefit the children, primarily through education and health care sponsorships.  Therefore, the ARDR Allies Financial Model reflects how money is utilized by ARDR per sponsored child. 


Child sponsorships were created to empower the youth of ARDR (who are mostly orphans) by providing education and health care as noted above.  More than 50% of Rwanda’s population is children and most of them do not attend school because they spend most of their time pumping and carrying water, gathering firewood, cooking meals and working in the fields.  ARDR’s is providing educational opportunity for the children and keeping them healthy to facilitate their journey from poverty to prosperity.


The focus of fund raising is to raise enough money to provide education and health care for our sponsored children. ARDR worked with local authorities and initiated a program in concert with ARDR Allies in 2011 to provide education and healthcare to those children most in need. This allowed children without any means to attend a simple one-room school, and provided them with medical insurance to cover any illness or injury.


The orphans of ARDR live in extremely isolated sections of Rwamagana, Rwanda and currently have to walk an average of 6 miles (one-way) to get to the nearest school or to get treatment at a health clinic when they are sick. Their commute is long and unsafe, as they have to cross busy roads with no lights or crosswalks once they get closer into town, and accidents are common. Therefore, we ultimately desire to provide a more comprehensive school building that contains a health clinic and is closer to where they live. However, our short term focus is sponsorships due to resource constraints.


ARDR Allies has no paid staff but thrives due to the generous gift of knowledge and time from our dedicated volunteers.  ARDR Allies spends approximately 9% of donations for administrative purposes such as maintaining our website, domain registration, email hosting, wiring fees, PO Box expense, supplies and fund raising activities.