Laurent Weighs in - Refugees in Dayton

Laurent Muvunyi was contacted by the Dayton Daily News in November regarding an article they were preparing titled "Dayton's Role For Refugees Uncertain." The article was set to print during the height of discussion and tension among local leaders on the issue of whether Dayton should open its doors to the Syrian refugees.

The article interviewed people from both sides of the issue and Laurent was asked to share his thoughts (see a clip from his interview below). Laurent has been extremely active with African immigrants since coming to Dayton approximately eight years ago. He 'knows the ropes' in Dayton having successfully settled with his wife and kids. Therefore, he is able to assist with language translation, getting people set up with home and auto insurance, etc. Laurent essentially knows who to contact and how to get things done in the Dayton area which is invaluable for his peers who are from Africa and new to the city.

Laurent is a poster child for the "American Dream." He was an immigrant to the United States, got a job working for Montgomery County, bought a house where he and his wife Nicole raise their three kids (fourth on the way) and he became a U.S. citizen on August 15, 2013.