Christmas Feast in Rwanda!

ARDR was once again blessed by the generosity of LC Tudor, Executive Director of Camp Lebanon Children's Camp & Retreat. This is LC's second consecutive year of donating funds to provide a Christmas feast for the 380 children of ARDR in Rwamagan, Rwanda.

Christmas dinner, when funds are available from generous donors like LC, provide these children with their largest and most nutritious meal of the year. The kids set aside their daily chores and eat, drink and play games all day.

However, Christmas 2015 was a bit different in that there was a wide spread malaria outbreak in December and many of the kids were too sick to attend in person and some of the kids who did attend were sick and unable to fully participate in all of the festivities (as can be seen in some of the pictures below). Jean Munyurangabo, Executive Director of ARDR said six of those children, who became sick during the dinner, were taken to the hospital and found to also have malaria. The Ministry of Health reported (according to Jean) that mosquito nets imported into Rwanda were inadequate to prevent mosquito bites and the resultant malaria. However Jean made sure that a generous portion of food was sent home with each orphan's caregiver to ensure the children who could not attend were well-fed from this feast.

Jean wanted to pass along a special invitation to LC to attend the 2016 Christmas dinner to see how the Christmas feast positively impacts the kids.

Thank you once again LC!