A Friend is Lost...

ARDR Allies lost a true friend and supporter of children when LC Tudor (age 77) passed away on Monday, April 11. LC provided Christmas dinner for the 380 children of ARDR during the past two years putting smiles on their faces and nourishment in their stomachs. LC knew that the children of ARDR only receive this type of feast once per year if someone provides a substantial donation. LC had become our regular "someone."

He did not just support the children of ARDR, he supported kids around the world. When LC retired as an Advertising Manager he went to work for the Lebanon Children's Camp & Retreat Center and ultimately served as their Executive Director for 22 years. His special interests were The House of Blessings Orphanage in Calabasse, Haiti and the Christian Camp and Conference Association in the United States and St. Petersburg, Russia. He also taught Sunday school for 45 years and was a mentor to many youth.

He leaves behind his wife Betty and two daughters, Lisa and Lynne and their families.

LC was a special person with a heart of gold and ARDR Allies was blessed to be part of his life!

LC Tudor (1939-2016)

LC Tudor (1939-2016)