Documentary Premiere at Beavercreek High School

ARDR Allies President, Laurent Muvunyi and Melissa Suddith were invited by Sarah Hankins (History Teacher) to speak at Beavercreek High School on May 1, 2014 to an audience of more than 300 students. 

Melissa shared her story of falling in love with Rwanda after meeting a Rwandan in church.  This encounter motivated her to make several trips to Rwanda enabling her to make many friends while experiencing their culture.

Laurent told the students about his background, how ARDR was started and what he is doing as president of ARDR Allies to support the programs of ARDR.  Then Laurent played the documentary for the students and finished by telling the kids how they can get involved as easily as giving up a pizza during the month and donating that money to

Sarah Hankins told Laurent, on the following day, that “the students are giving so much positive feedback” about his talk.